Project Description

Includes Puncture Pads For Three Tissue Types

  • Simulates anatomy of lumbar region for landmark palpation
  • Realistic puncture practicing
  • Loss-of-puncture technique with the epidural puncture block
This trainer features highly accurate representation of anatomical landmarks for lumbar injection sites. Provide students with hands–on practice of proper injection procedures using three puncture pads that mimic patient skin and tissue types, including elderly, thick body, and epidural tissue. Each pad has a true–toμlife sensation that represents real skin and tissue resistance to the spinal needle. Students can practice collection of CSF fluid and measure fluid pressure under these clinically–accurate conditions. A transparent puncture block allows direct observation of both the anatomy and the path of the spinal needle, and lumbar can be supported in either sitting or lateral positions. Includes a thorough guidebook to the relevant anatomy, physiology, indications and performance of the lumbar puncture, and also includes a guide to CSF fluid analysis and LP risk management.